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NaturalPAVE XL Resin Pavement

  • Green Alternative to Asphalt and Concrete
  • High Performance
  • Cold Mixed
  • Cold Applied
  • Non-Toxic
  • Solar Reflective





EMC SQUARED Stabilization System

EMC SQUARED Advanced Stabilization Technology

  • High Performance
  • Revolutionary Cost Savings
  • Non-Toxic
  • Green Alternative to Cement and Lime


SSPCo provides innovative and sustainable product technologies covering a broad range of applications, starting with our NaturalPAVE XL Resin Pavement products which provide aesthetic and environmentally friendly alternatives to hot mix asphalt materials. Cold-manufactured and cold-applied with conventional asphalt paving equipment and tools, non-toxic NaturalPAVE products compare favorably with typical asphalt pavement mixtures when evaluated in pavement materials testing laboratories. In response to Urban Heat Island problems and concerns about the effects of excessively high temperatures on human health, NaturalPAVE XL Resin Pavement mixtures can be formulated with light-colored aggregate materials for the construction of solar-reflective cool pavements. In contrast to heat absorbent black asphalt surfaces, NaturalPAVE XL Resin Pavement products can be selected to reduce temperatures and air conditioning loads for buildings in hot climate areas and they can be used to construct pathways and playground surfaces that will be far cooler than asphalt surfaces. Our unique EMC SQUARED System products provide more cost-effective alternatives for road base and subgrade stabilization, for bare earth erosion control and dust control, for gravel road stabilization and for treatment of recycled pavement materials. This is revolutionary problem-solving product technology. Take a look and see for yourself!

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